Our team and ambassadors have chosen their
favourite Peacci products to share with you.

Peacci S.K.I.N ManiPedi Cream

"Our Peacci S.K.I.N ManiPedi Cream has been part of my daily routine since Daisy first sent me a sample to try. I'm very hard on my hands. From going to the gym, taking care of DIY projects or handling day-to-day TGB business, they never seem to get a break. S.K.I.N cream keeps my hands hydrated and nourished but doesn’t leave that greasy feeling. The scent is fresh and not overpowering. Man-approved and such a nice product all around!"

Mike Hollman, President & CEO

Peacci Gel'ous Top Coat and Cuticle Oil

"Gel'ous Top Coat is my absolute favorite! I love the shine it gives, and how it extends the life of my manicure. I always use over my favorite Peacci nail polish then finish my manicure with Peacci Cuticle Oil to soften and nourish my dry cuticles. Thanks to Peacci Cuticle Oil my nails look fabulous darling! It smells yummy too."

Gwendolyn Herring, Warehouse Supervisor

Peacci Cuticle Oil and Californian

"I absolutely love Peacci Cuticle Oil! I’ve tried so many different kinds, but this one tops it all. It hydrates my cuticles really well and it smells amazing! Californian is also one of my fave colors. This color always makes me happy when I wear it!"

Jady Lynn Garcia, Marketing Assistant

Peacci Gel’ous Top Coat and Bamboo

"I am in absolute love with Peacci Gel’ous Top Coat. I have never had nail polish stay on my nails until now. When I wear Gel’ous over my polish, I know that my nails will look great for a long time and they will be strong. My new favorite color to wear Gel’ous over is Peacci Bamboo because that is the most versatile green ever!"

Holly Cornett, Human Resources Manager

Peacci Soak Away Acetone and Holly

"My favorite Peacci products would have to be the color Holly and the Soak Away Acetone. I surprised my sister with both products and it was love at first sight. The Soak Away Acetone was instantaneous, removing her previous color with ease. Adding in a coat of Holly after, my sister's nails were complete, and she was super happy! She loves her red polish, and now keeps asking me for more Peacci polish!"

Brian Rullamas, Graphic Designer

Peacci S.K.I.N ManiPedi Mask and Foot File

"I love Peacci’s new S.K.I.N line! My favorites are the ManiPedi Mask and Foot File. My feet and tootsies have never been this soft and pampered. This dynamic duo helps me care for my skin and keep my feet sandal-ready all year round. Pro tip – to keep my feet looking hydrated for longer I use the mask with a moisture sock."

Margo Hollman, Director of Marketing